Our Story

The start of "MO-MO-PARADISE"

In 1993, as the bubble economy collapsed and the term "layoff" gained widespread use, MO-MO-PARADISE came into existence. Its creation was somewhat serendipitous. During that period, we were overseeing a sizable izakaya in Shinjuku Kabukicho that needed immediate closure due to business issues. Around the same time, we were presented with the opportunity to launch an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu and sukiyaki for 1,500 yen. Initially, we thought it was impossible, but we decided to give it a shot for a limited six-month period. Seeing positive results, we decided to continue the project. The name MO-MO-PARADISE was coined by one of our part-time staff members.

All you can eat for ¥1500

While the all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu and sukiyaki concept was present elsewhere, the standard price hovered around 2000 yen. Although this concept attracted customers, the overall quality was not necessarily synonymous with deliciousness. Recognizing this, MO-MO-PARADISE, positioning itself as a "specialty restaurant", made a deliberate choice to prioritize "quality" in the enjoyment of shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, even at the more affordable price of 1500 yen. The objective was clear: to provide delicious shabu-shabu and sukiyaki to a broader audience.
Surprisingly, a mere three months after its grand opening, the waiting area was consistently filled with approximately 50 customers. It became a haven where you could savor unlimited servings of shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. Catering to the preferences of young individuals, the establishment buzzed with joyous expressions.

Oversea expansion turning point

Originating from an unforeseen opportunity, MO-MO-PARADISE transformed from a fortuitous start into a surprising success story. It all began when a Taiwanese business partner expressed interest in establishing a Japanese-themed brand. The vision was to introduce authentic Japanese shabu-shabu and sukiyaki to global markets, inaugurating its first establishment in Taipei. Despite receiving multiple recommendations from the local owner, suggesting changes as "this flavor won't work" or "you should tailor it more to local taste", going with those suggestions could've turned MO-MO-PARADISE into just another local spot. Upholding the belief that authenticity, even if not immediately embraced, would be appreciated over time, we persevered. MO-MO-PARADISE's unwavering commitment to authenticity allowed its expansion to over 70 locations worldwide.

"True essence" of deliciousness found from going global

While exploring the diverse perspectives and culinary traditions around the world, we made a significant discovery that continues to shape our present. It is the realization that the key to creating the deliciousness of shabu-shabu and sukiyaki lies in the "customer's own preferences". What we should strive for is to guide customers to become passionate creators themselves. Fundamentally, hot pot dishes are something customers make with their own hands. Therefore, it's not enough for us to only emphasize the quality of meat and broth. Observing international customers experiencing shabu-shabu and sukiyaki for the first time enlightened us about the fundamental essence of deliciousness that we should strive for. Our goal is to create a paradise where customers can freely indulge in their preferences to their heart's content.

Striving to become the premier brand for shabu-shabu and sukiyaki worldwide

At this moment, MO-MO-PARADISE is in the process of transforming into the global brand "MO-MO-PARADISE". Our ambition is to be recognized as the world's foremost specialty store for shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. We aim to extend the delight of shabu-shabu and sukiyaki to a broader audience. Returning to the brand's roots, we are dedicated to authenticity in both meat and broth. We enhance our services to naturally entice customers to savor delicious meals. Drawing from the past lessons of success and failure we strive forward with the "More and More" spirit. Through ideas generated at the front of the house, we are making "MO-MO-PARADISE" the world's premier brand. No doubt, we can achieve this. We wholeheartedly believe it. This is not a distant dream; the narrative of the future has already started. The next chapter will be crafted together with all of you.