How to Enjoy

Cooking Directions


Gently heat the broth, avoiding it to boil while maintaining a soft ripple on the surface. Using chopsticks or tongs, delicately immerse each slice of meat, swishing it in the broth for 3-4 rounds until it reaches a subtle pink color. Begin by savoring the first bite of meat with a dip in the refreshing "Ponzu" sauce. For subsequent bites, relish the rich "Sesame Sauce". After enjoying approximately two servings of meat, add your preferred vegetables to the pot. This infusion allows the meat's flavor to enhance the vegetables, delivering a more profound and flavorful taste. Explore diverse condiments for additional flavor nuances.


Combine vegetables in the base broth and simmer. While a variety of vegetables is available, mushrooms like shiitake, known for enhancing umami, and onions, adding a touch of sweetness, are recommended here. Once the vegetables have softened slightly, arrange 4-5 slices of meat over them. Crack and beat "koku-mi tamago" (rich-flavored egg) in a separate bowl. Once the meat and vegetables are cooked with enhanced flavor, dip them in the egg and enjoy.

Shio Tonkotsu

Umakara Kimchi