Specialty Broth

Shabu Shabu

We use a luxurious beef tail soup, extracted from carefully selected oxtails, for a rich smooth mellow flavor. Blanch the meat and vegetables in the broth, then relish them with a dipping sauce featuring the essence of domestically grown oranges along with a sesame sauce enhanced with walnuts and peanuts.


Our base broth, known as "warishita", is crafted using soy sauce from Shodoshima, a region famed for soy sauce production. It boasts a delightful blend of naturally brewed "koikuchi shoyu" (dark soy sauce) and the fragrant sweetness of Okinawan black sugar syrup, known as "kokuto mitsu". Simmer your preferred meat and vegetables in this flavorful broth, coat them with the rich "kokumi tamago" beaten egg, and relish the delectable experience.

Specialty Broth


A flavorful ponzu sauce crafted by carefully squeezing the juice from oranges (daidai) sourced from Yamaguchi Prefecture, combined with the umami of bonito and kelp. This sauce is free from artificial seasonings and preservatives.

Sesame Sauce

A blend of sesame and sesame oil, with the addition of walnuts and peanuts, we've created a richly flavored sesame sauce. This sauce is free from artificial seasonings and preservatives.

Specialty Seasoning

Find Your Own Taste

To elevate your experience with Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki, we present an array of globally sourced condiments. Start by relishing the original goodness of the sauce, then gradually introduce different condiments to craft a uniquely delicious flavor that suits your preferences.

Quality Control

Optimal Thickness for Each Type of Meat

Just as there is a compatibility between the meat and the soup, the meat also has an optimal thickness depending on its type. A difference of just 1mm in thickness can alter the taste and texture significantly. The thickness of the meat also greatly influences the balance with vegetables and the mouthfeel when consumed.

Temperature Control of Meat at 10°C (±2°C) during service

We cut the meat to the ideal thickness based on its type and condition, so serve our customers at the optimum conditions. We are meticulous about controlling the meat's temperature. If the meat isn't adequately thawed before slicing or is not in the right condition, it may release ice into the meat molecules during blanching, causing the savory essence to escape. Gradually thawing the meat over time preserves its flavor without compromising it and enables us to eliminate only excess moisture. By consistently maintaining optimal temperature control, we aim to enhance the meat's texture and flavor to the fullest extent.

Preserving Vegetable Freshness from Harvest to Table

The taste and freshness of vegetables hinge on their sugar and water content. As flavor begins to fade the moment vegetables are harvested, we guarantee swift and comprehensive refrigeration storage from harvest to serving, thanks to the collaboration with our dedicated farmers.

Specialized Staff

Guidance from our Knowledgeable Staff on Delicious Eating

For an optimal dining experience, our staff recommends individually blanching each slice of meat and a modest portion of vegetables before gently coating them in sauce. With plenty of other delightful eating techniques available, our staff is here to assist you discover your personal favorite flavor.